Visual Vignettes

Call for Visual Vignettes

As part of the Workshop, we invite researchers, artists, web-designer, activists, and beyond to reflect on the workshop themes through the means of Visual Vignettes. Inspiration can be found from the participants’ abstracts.

A Visual Vignette integrates text and image in unusual ways by combining the genre of vignettes and visual essay. Visual Vignettes are short, evocative descriptions challenging the “division of labour” between words – often as descriptor – and images – as illustration. Following the theme of this workshop, we ask how sensing can invite new ways of entwining words and images. Participants of the meeting will be invited to reflect both on the politics of sensing, sensor publics and digital infrastructures, and on visual vignettes as mode of research dissemination, potential way of interrogating topics, or even conducting research.

The rules are simple: 5 frames (printed in A3 format) and maximum 700 words (excluding references, which can be added on the bottom of the final frame). Send us your Visual Vignette as pdf by March 15th 2017. The workshop organizers will make a selection of the best 6 Visual Vignettes, which will be printed (on foam-board) and displayed at the venue of the meeting, the Vorhoelzer Forum at the Technical University Munich. The selected Visual Vignettes will also be posted on this website.

Please send your visual vignette to and direct any questions to the Visual Vignettes project coordinator or Sensor Publics Workshop organizers.


Submitted Visual Vignettes

Please see below the Visual Vignettes exhibited at the Sensor Public Workshop (keep in mind that loading them may take some time):

Earth Blind: The Dark Empiricism of Earth Sensing” by Jamie Allen and Johannes Bruder from the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures & Critical Media Lab Basel

Sensing Images in the Public Space of Barcelona by Plácido Muñoz Morán, PhD student in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester.

Many thanks for the submissions!